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Industry experts often argue that realism is not necessarily a goal of some content creators, but it is hard to say that creating more emotional impact is not beneficial. 8K screens are clearly needed as screen sizes grow in order to maintain pixel density. And, with the additional benefits of realism and emotional impact, 8K is not overkill. Looking for an ultra-high-definition 8K TV that delivers the most immersive entertainment experience ever, or a premium 4K TV stacked with the latest technologies and interfaces— MediaTek has covered all the grounds. For broadcast, streaming, Blu-ray or other multimedia, MediaTek-powered smart TVs are packed with exceptional features for incredible experiences that make your smart TV the centre of your intelligent home. That’s why the biggest global brands – like OnePlus, Samsung, Skyworth, Sony, Toshiba and more – choose MediaTek to deliver brilliant display technology, powerful AI and voice technologies, the latest streaming video codecs and global TV broadcast support. MediaTek powers 70% of all TVs worldwide, and there are more than two billion MediaTek-powered TVs around the world today.

A couple of years back, the company introduced its powerful Helio X20 chipset that boasted a unique hardware component specially designed to boost AR capabilities in high and mid-end smartphones. The chip harboured an advanced 3D and deep sensing technology combined with a Category 6 LTE modem and a novel “tri-cluster architecture” that set the pace for a seamless transition for mobile interfaces into the AR world.

Taken together; the above three technologies give manufacturers greater flexibility to design smartphones that will change the course of user experience forever

Pushing its boundaries further, MediaTek astounded the world by exhibiting the revolutionary deca-core Helio X30. Targeted at the mid-range phone market, mobiles sporting this hi-performance processor will likely be one of the premium devices to embed the most advanced VR-AR platforms offered by global companies. “The Helio X30 is among the first wave of 10 nm smartphone SoC chipsets to sport a deca-core, virtualization hardware, and a WorldMode modem coupled with a three times carrier aggregation for high performance,” mentions Ming-Kai Tsai, CEO and Chairman of the company. He adds, “Taken together; the above three technologies give manufacturers greater flexibility to design smartphones that will change the course of user experience forever.”

Behind every success story, countless events of tiny successes and failures conjure up the one great day in the future when a company’s potential finally gets recognized in the global scenario. Quite similarly, the journey of a Taiwan-based company to overcome multiple challenges and upset the global giants to become one of the industry leaders is an enticing read for anyone. Precisely two decades back, the company was founded as a spin-off from Micro Electronics Corporation. Within three years, the company had become the country’s leading semiconductor company by designing chipsets for optical drives and home entertainment devices. Fast forward to the present, MediaTek has disrupted the smartphone industry by engineering the very first wave of the commercial System on Chips (SoC) for tablets, phones, and electronic devices. Within few years, the sale numbers reached an all-time high, and MediaTek was experiencing about half a billion sales of its SoCs per annum. By 2021, the company had become one of the most reputed SoC manufacturers around the globe and a leader in fabless IC designers worldwide.
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Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Ming-Kai Tsai, Chairman

MediaTek is a global fabless semiconductor company that enables more than 1.5 billion consumer products a year. The company is a market leader in developing tightly-integrated, power-efficient systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, home entertainment, network and connectivity, automated driving, and IoT. MediaTek’s mission is to provide people all over the world with great technology. By enabling consumer products that help better connect individuals to the world around them, MediaTek empowers people to expand their horizons and more easily achieve their goals

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